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US Vice President Kamala Harris Arrives In Singapore

US Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday arrived in Singapore for her first official trip to Asia, a trip that points to show the US’s concern about the Indo-Pacific region amid the increasing dominance of China. The trip aiming at strengthening ties in the Indo-Pacific. The Taliban takeover of Kabul has also added meanings to Harris’ visit as US President Joe Biden faces potent criticism inside and outside the country after the troop withdrawal.

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Harris will stay in Singapore for three days. On Monday, she will talk with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, after which, the two leaders will hold a joint Press Conference. She will also visit Changi Naval Base, where she will board US Combat Ship. After three days, Harris will embark on a trip to Vietnam, where she will be the first US vice president ever to visit the country.

Before flying to Vietnam, Kamala Harris will deliver a speech to highlight the significance of partnerships and areas for further cooperation. The Biden management has been seeking to strengthen cooperation with its associates and countries to contrariwise China’s increasing dominance in the region.