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HomeWorldWatch: Govt' Brutal Water Cannon Attack On Thailand Protesters

Watch: Govt’ Brutal Water Cannon Attack On Thailand Protesters

In scenes going viral on social media, the riot police of Thailand is seen attempting to disperse a peaceful crowd by using water cannon on them.

The water canons were used to disperse thousands of demonstrators gathered in Bangkok over anti-government demonstrations on Friday night.

The protests are largely led by youngesters, mostly students, in the country. However, protesters have called for the demonstartions on Saturday and have asked demonstrators to be ready physically and mentally for it.

Since the emergency degree announcement by PM Prayuth, at least 60 activists have been arrested for public gatherings.

Protesters are demanding PM Prayuth’s resignation and restraining the power of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. Some protesters, along with police personnel, were injured during the clashes on Friday.

Protestors have also refused to accept last year’s election. The riot has been continuous since last week.

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