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Watch – Jacinda Ardern Speech Today: “World Is Increasingly Polarising, But We Can Listen”

As the world was awaiting New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s speech after her historic win, she didn’t disappoint and touched upon almost all the issues that affect her country – in a shorter than expected speech that won praise for across the world.  

Ardern said that she is not going to take the victory for granted and her team will start on the challenges faced by the right away.

Reiterating her election promises, Ardern said that she will start working on building houses for homeless, sustainable electricity generation and jobs for jobless as soon as possible.

The New Zealand Prime Minister touched upon the issue of hatred, saying that the world is  increasingly polarising, and “as a nation, we have to make sure to listen and we can debate”

“Election means bringing people together,” she said.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s party today scored a thumping victory by scoring nearly 50 per cent votes in multi-dimensional elections. Ardern’s labour party bagged 49.5% votes against National’s 26.9% votes.

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