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Watch: On Jimmy Kimmel’s Show, BLACKPINK Reveals This BIG SECRET About Going Out

The Black Pink group on Tuesday appeared on America’s popular Jimmy Kimmel show and revealed a number of secrets that their fans had never heard. 

During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel asked the four K-Pop divas as to how they manage to step out and save themselves from getting mobbed in the public. To this, Rosé and Jennie revealed that it is (read: was) a big secret that they go out all covered and disguised.

Jennie said, “It’s a big secret, but we do wear hats and hoodies to cover up.”

The other big revealation came when Rosé explained why they chose the name BLACKPINK.

Rose said that the two colors represent the group the best. “We’re very girly, but at the same time, we’re very savage too,” she said.