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We Purple You: BTS Member V Makes History As First K-Pop Star To Appear On Burj khalifa

Kuala Lumpur: Army’s around the world cannot keep calm on BTS member Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V’s birthday and has turned social media purple. The South Korean artist is celebrating his 25th birthday and marks history as he has become the first K-pop artist to get a birthday tribute on Burj khalifa.

The world’s tallest building lit up with a birthday message, which read, “Happy V Day, Kim Taehyung”. The sound and light show was accompanied by V’s solo “Winter Bear” and his many many roles as BTS band member, ‘singer’, ‘dancer’, ‘actor’ and ‘producer’.

Not only this, the V fans have booked a billboard on the famous Times Square in New York City to display a special birthday message for their favourite heartthrob.

BTS member and K-pop idol surely knows how to make hearts flutter and his every post and video is proof of the same. With his cute, adorable photos and videos, V is trending worldwide, while Twitter is flooded with different hashtags to mark his birthday.