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HomeWorldAmanda Gorman - A Young Poet Who Steals Biden's Inaugration Show

Amanda Gorman – A Young Poet Who Steals Biden’s Inaugration Show

Washington: US has scripted many histories on 20 January since Donald Trump departed the White House after completing his 4-year term. Joe Biden was sworn in as the first oldest President in the US history, while Indian origin Kamala Harris became the first woman, first South Asian female, and the first African American Vice President. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old, Amanda Gorman, African-American has created the history to participate as the youngest inaugural poet in the US with her poem- “The Hill We View.”

With her poem, she has added her name to the list of five poets who have recited their work at the presidential inauguration along with Maya Angelou and Robert Frost.

The poet and activist is a Harvard graduate and aims to raise the voice of young writers. She grew up with a speech impediment as a child, which later inspired her to express herself in words.

She revealed she was halfway through her poem when rioters stormed the capital, which inspired her to add a new verse to finish out the poem. ‘So let us leave behind a country better than the one we were left with’ she recited calling for unity and strength while declaring ‘democracy can never be permanently defeated.’