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HomeWorldWhy Has Donald Trump Fired Defence Secretary After Election Loss?

Why Has Donald Trump Fired Defence Secretary After Election Loss?

Kuala Lumpur: The outgoing President United States Donald Trump has terminated Defence Secretary Mark Esper days after losing presidential elections against Joe Biden.
Announcing on the Twitter, Trump stated that the director of the National Counter-terrorism Centre, Christopher Miller will become an acting secretary of defense till he chairs the office.

According to reports, conflicts had spiked among the two over a range of issues and was particularly outraged by his public opposition to Trump’s threats to use active-duty military and armed forces this year to suppress the street protests and riots over racial injustice after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Trump’s decision, though was expected by many insiders and political enthusiasts, was nevertheless a shock, coming just after a few days after losing his bid for reelection to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

The announcement by Trump, ignited a dangerous message to America’s adversaries and dimmed hopes for an orderly transition as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office.