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Woman Locked In Toilet For Over a Year By Husband

New Delhi: In a very shocking incident, a woman found in filthy condition was allegedly locked in a toilet for over a year by her husband in India’s Haryana state.

The dishevelled and malnourished woman was rescued on Wednesday by a team from the Haryana state department for women’s protection.

According to reports, the 33-year-old captive woman was not fed for days when the authorities found her lying in an unhygienic condition inside a small bathroom.

The rescued woman, a mother of three, was first taken to the local civil hospital and now has been handed over to her relative.

Her husband insisted that his wife had mental health issues but contrary to that the welfare department officials said that the victim was able to identify all family members and replied to all the questions asked by the team, and is in the right state of mind.

No documentation related to her treatment of mental illness could be provided by the husband.

A lawsuit had been registered against the woman’s husband sections 498 A and 342 of the IPC. The accused has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.

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