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HomeWorldZakir Naik: "Those Who Abuse Messenger Of Allah Will Have Painful Punishment"

Zakir Naik: “Those Who Abuse Messenger Of Allah Will Have Painful Punishment”

Kuala Lumpur: Amid heated debate over Islamophobia on social media, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik posted a quote from Al Quran on Facebook, stating, “But those who abuse the Messenger of Allaah will have a painful punishment.”

Through his post, he warned about the dreadful consequences one could face for abusing the ‘messenger of Allah’.

In another post, he slammed the French president Emmanuel Macron over his alleged Islamophobic remark. He said the offensive comments do not add up to freedom of expression and the “right to offend does not imply a duty to offend.”

This comes after a recent incident in which a teacher was beheaded in Paris for exhibiting a caricature of Prophet Mohammad to his students.

Macron has been underfire ever since.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir Mohammad kicked off a global controversy saying that “Muslims have a right to be angry and kill French people” for past incidents. His tweet was in reply to a knife attack at the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, France where three people were killed and others injured.