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Umno Leader Ahmad Maslan Dispels Dubai Move Allegations as Fantasy

Umno Supreme Working Council (MKT) member, Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, fervently debunked the purported ‘Dubai Move’ aimed at undermining the Unity Government. Dismissing it as nothing more than a ‘fatamorgana,’ he emphasized the unity within the Barisan Nasional (BN) ranks, revealing a collective pledge made by all 30 BN Members of Parliament (MPs). Each MP, according to Ahmad Maslan, has committed to paying a staggering RM100 million if they were to defect—a solidary measure aimed at preserving party integrity.

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Fantasy Unveiled: Ahmad Maslan’s Rebuttal

“The Dubai move? This is just a fantasy. For 30 MPs of Umno and BN, we have already signed (an agreement) to pay RM100 million per person if we want to jump (party),” asserted Ahmad Maslan, not mincing words in his dismissal of the alleged Dubai conspiracy. His categorical denial challenges the narrative that emerged from the recent vacation of Perikatan Nasional (PN) leaders in the UAE.

Dubai Rendezvous Exposed: A Backdoor Government Plot?

Contrary to claims made by Community Communications Department (J-KOM) deputy director Datuk Ismail Yusop, Ahmad Maslan refuted any clandestine meetings in Dubai. Yusop had suggested that the purpose of the gathering was to strategize the recruitment of Members of Parliament (MPs) to orchestrate a ‘tebuk atap (backdoor)’ government. Ahmad Maslan’s outspoken denial raises questions about the credibility of such allegations, asserting the implausibility of MPs switching sides.

Financial Hurdles and Government Strength

Ahmad Maslan added a practical dimension to his rebuttal, highlighting the financial impracticality of such a move. He stated that BN MPs lacked the substantial funds required to fulfill the alleged defection pledge. Additionally, he underscored the robustness of the current government, further diminishing the credibility of any attempted political maneuvering.

This exclusive revelation by Ahmad Maslan not only discredits the ‘Dubai Move’ but also sheds light on the commitment of BN MPs to party unity, dispelling the illusion of any potential defections.