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Ji Chang Wook’s Agency Issues Apology Following Indoor Smoking Controversy

Amidst an incident controversy surrounding actor Ji Chang Wook’s indoor smoking controversy, his agency, Spring Company, has formally apologized. This incident occurred during the filming of his drama “Welcome to Samdalri” and stirred significant public outcry due to the violation of South Korea’s indoor smoking laws. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the situation, the response from Ji Chang Wook’s agency, and the actor’s personal acknowledgment of the issue.

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Background of the Incident:

On January 26th, behind-the-scenes footage from “Welcome to Samdalri” was released, revealing Ji Chang Wook smoking an electronic cigarette indoors. This action is prohibited under South Korean law, which strictly prohibits smoking or vaping in public indoor spaces except in designated areas. The inclusion of this scene in the video sparked immediate controversy and prompted the production team to remove it from subsequent releases.

The Agency’s Response:

On February 11th, Spring Company issued a formal statement addressing the incident and extending apologies to all affected parties. The agency expressed regret for any discomfort caused by Ji Chang Wook’s actions and acknowledged the inappropriateness of smoking indoors. Additionally, they emphasized the actor’s own recognition of his lapse in judgment and his sincere apology to fans, staff, and fellow cast members.

Actor’s Personal Apology:

Ji Chang Wook personally addressed the incident, expressing deep remorse for disappointing his supporters and causing concern among viewers. He acknowledged the gravity of his actions and pledged to exercise greater caution in the future. His apology extended to everyone involved in the production of “Welcome to Samdalri,” recognizing the impact of his behavior on the overall work environment.

Commitment to Prevent Recurrence:

In light of this incident, Spring Company emphasized its commitment to preventing similar occurrences in the future. They assured the public that measures would be implemented to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations and ethical standards. The agency’s proactive stance aimed to rebuild trust with audiences and demonstrate accountability for their client’s actions.


The indoor smoking controversy involving Ji Chang Wook serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding legal and ethical standards in the entertainment industry. The swift response from his agency, coupled with the actor’s personal apology, reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability. Moving forward, stakeholders hope to see measures in place to prevent such incidents and uphold the integrity of future productions.

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