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Song Hye Kyo Set to Surprise Fans with Special Appearance in Kim Eun Sook’s New Fantasy Rom-Com Drama : Report

tvN’s “Queen of Tears,” penned by renowned writer Park Ji Eun, explores the love story of Baek Hyeon Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) and his wife Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won). Teasers reveal the contrasting worlds of opulent dining in Queens Group and the heartwarming atmosphere of the Yongduri family. The series promises humor and challenges as the couple navigates through these distinct environments, offering viewers a unique and engaging storyline.

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Renowned actress Song Hye Kyo is rumored to make a special appearance in the upcoming fantasy rom-com drama, “All Your Wishes Come True.” While her agency, UAA, remains tight-lipped, sources reveal she has departed for Dubai to shoot the intriguing role. This marks Song Hye Kyo’s first special appearance in 28 years since her debut.

The drama, penned by famed writer Kim Eun Sook, features Kim Woo Bin as a volatile genie and Suzy as a human devoid of emotion. The collaboration rekindles Song Hye Kyo’s ties with Kim Eun Sook, known for hits like “Descendants of the Sun” and “The Glory.”

Song Hye Kyo’s Potential Return to the Small Screen: A Closer Look

Dubai Filming Speculation: Reports suggest that Song Hye Kyo has embarked on a journey to Dubai for her potential special appearance in the upcoming drama “All Your Wishes Come True.” While her agency refrains from confirmation, fans are buzzing with excitement about the actress gracing the small screen once again.

All Your Wishes Come True” Synopsis:

The drama, led by Kim Woo Bin as a temperamental genie and Suzy as a human with a lack of emotion, promises a whimsical blend of fantasy and romance. Penned by the prolific writer Kim Eun Sook, known for her successful dramas, the storyline revolves around the emotional struggles of a genie trapped in a lamp.

Rekindling Collaborations:

Song Hye Kyo’s history with writer Kim Eun Sook dates back to their collaboration on the 2016 hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.” The actress also starred in Kim Eun Sook’s recent Netflix series “The Glory” in 2022, showcasing a strong bond that has evolved over the years.

Film Ventures and Big Screen Comeback:

In addition to the potential TV appearance, Song Hye Kyo is confirmed to star in the upcoming film “Dark Nuns,” a spin-off of Kang Dong Won’s 2015 hit “The Priests.” This marks her return to the big screen after a decade since “My Brilliant Life” in 2014, further adding to the anticipation surrounding the actress’s versatile comeback.

As fans eagerly await official confirmation, Song Hye Kyo’s rumored involvement in “All Your Wishes Come True” signals a promising and eventful year for the celebrated actress.