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Food Factory That Allegedly Led To Sungai Semeyih Pollution Stopped For 2 Weeks

A food factory in Beranang, Selangor has been slapped with a two-week stop-the-work order. The Environment and Water Ministry revealed that the plant is believed to be the cause of the odour pollution in Sungai Semenyih. The plant owner is being charged for being responsible for water cuts in nearly 460 areas. This comes after several investigations were carried out by the Air quality surveillance. Many pollution creating substances including volatile organic compounds were found at the factory.

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Air Selangor revealed that five areas have been affected, namely Petaling (172 areas), Hulu Langat (54 areas), Sepang (194 areas), Putrajaya (23 areas), and Kuala Langat (20 areas). A total of 463 areas will experience unscheduled water supply disruption.

Based on the initial investigation, the plant was operational and several industrial effluent discharges and river water samples at the inlet were taken. After the results, a notice was issued to the factory under Section 38 (1)(a) of the Environmental Quality Act, 1974. Factory production has been suspended until further notice.

The case is being investigated under Section 121 (1)(C) of the Water Services Industry Act 2006 (Act 655), if convicted they will face a maximum imprisonment of 10 years or a fine of RM500,000 or both.