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Malaysian Prime Minister PMX Anwar Takes Bold Stand Against Corruption, Aims to Recover Billions for National Development: Report

The article highlights that PMX Anwar, approaching his 10th month, is focusing on combating corruption in Malaysia. His efforts to recover stolen funds are...

Drunk Man Stabs Himself Multiple Times, Dies

A 49-year-old man died after he stabbed himself with a knife in his thigh multiple times late Sunday. The incident took place when the...

Couple Uploads “Family Suicide Video”, Arrested

A couple has been arrested in Seremban over a "role-play" video of family suicide. The couple had uploaded the 16-minute video on the internet,...

Richard Huckle Killing: Pen Inserted In Nose And Anus – The Chilling Murder Of Paedophile

Kuala Lumpur: The killing of Richard Huckle - a paedophile lodged in a UK Jail for molesting 200 Malaysia children - had taken the...