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Dr M As A Father Figure, I Love And Respect Him Most: Azmin Ali

Kuala Lumpur: Senior Minister Azmin Ali said that even after parting ways with former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed, he considers him as a father figure, for whom he has great love and respect for him.

He said that even though he disagreed with him for giving a resignation letter on 24 February, without informing everybody, he is the statesman, and he has so much love, respect and affection for him.

He said that his sudden resignation, lead to Muhyiddin Yassin filling the vacuum. Adding that the current Prime Minister is doing a good job of handling the pandemic with minimal politics and that everybody should let him lead for now.

He stated that the plan to form Perikatan Nasional originated from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself in order to make him a prime minister supported by all Members of Parliament across all parties.

Azmin stressed that he was not responsible for falling out with Anwar, which was a significant reason for the Harapan Government’s collapse.