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“Stop Acting & Resign”: Model Lana Nodin To Health DG; People Slam Her

Model and Actress Lana Nodin today slammed the Director-General of Health, Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, saying that the latter has been “acting” all through the pandemic and he should resign for his failures.

Lana, 41, accused Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah of “deceiving Malaysians with the character on display – sad and tired face.”

She further asked Noor Hisham to resign from his current position as Director-General of Health.

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Lana, whose real name is Mazlina Hasan Nordin, said on her Instagram account: “Great acting. Malay drama Lost near Samarinda slot. Great Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Congratulations DG. You should resign.”

“There is no end to making faces and crying tiredly. But it’s all just acting!” she wrote in her Insta story.

The actress, who starred in Aku Yang Gelar Isteri, said she felt sympathy with the fate of Malaysians who thought that Noor Hisham was a person who cared about the people, but claimed that what happened was the opposite.