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Ove 3000 Complaints Against Preacher For Insulting Non-Muslims

More than 3,000 police complaints have been filed against a Muslim preacher for his derogatory comments towards non-Muslims, particularly on Hindus and Buddhists. According to reports, thousands of Sabahans and Sarawakians took this matter to police station and filed reports against Ustaz Syakir Nasoha who had said that “all non-Muslims are Kafir.” Syakir made this statement in December 2017.

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The rights groups of people from all over the country, who considered this as a provocation statement and hurting their religious sentiments, have urged the authority to take action against the preacher Syakir.

Global Human Rights Federation president S.Shashi Kumar expressed his extreme indignation over the matter and slammed authorities for not taking action against him since 2018.

“Enough is enough. We want to see action. We have made police reports over such occurrences in the past but no action was taken,” he told The Sun Daily. 

 Last week videos of Ustaz Syakir Nasoha went viral on social media, in which he said Hindus and Buddhists are in Malaysia to kick us from the country.

“Last days on earth” the enemies of Islam will swarm Muslims like how crowds of people swarm a tray of food and this is how the “non believers or Kafir are swarming Muslims today,” Syakir was heard saying in a video.

Instigating people in his speech, he also said non-Muslims are bombing mosques and killing Muslims in India, Thailand, and Pakistan.