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Malaysia Detained Pakistan’s Passenger Plane At KL Airport

Kuala Lumpur: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has claimed on Friday that one of its passenger planes was allegedly detained in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Airport. According to media reports, the plane was seized by Malaysia Airport authorities over non-payment of aircraft lease dues.

Sharing the statement on Twitter, PIA slammed the Malaysian authorities and urged Pakistan’s government to look into the matter through the diplomatic channel.

In a statement, PIA said that it’s an unacceptable situation, accusing Malaysia of taking one-sided decision on the matter.

PIA wrote on social media, “The passengers are being looked after and alternate arrangements for their travel have been finalized”.

On the other hand, there were no statements by the Malaysian government regarding the incident of a plane belonging to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which was allegedly detained by KL airport authorities.

However, the company’s representative reportedly did not specify in detail where the aircraft was detained and refused to give court details or dispute between Malaysia and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign released the statemen, “Our High Commission in Malaysia is in close contact with the relevant Malaysian authorities and Pakistan International Airlines to address the issue at the earliest. Meanwhile, the passengers are being properly looked after and alternate arrangements for their travel to Pakistan have also been finalized. They will be departing Kuala Lumpur by EK 343 later tonight”.