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Class Rotation Won’t Be Burden For Teachers: Minister

Senior Minister Radzi Jidin has said that the rotation system for schools will not make teaching difficult for the teachers by adding more duties. The rotation system is implemented to control the number of students so that only 50% of the total enrollment comes to school at one time. Radzi said teachers will teach the same syllabus to two groups of students.

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The Education Ministry had earlier announced the reopening of schools from October 3 under the National Recovery Plan (NRP) with a weekly rotation system.

Radzi explained that no additional duties will be given to the teachers as they will have to teach the same syllabus to two separate groups of students.

He stated that according to the system a class of students will be divided into two groups-group A in face-to-face class while the other i.e group B will continue with home-based teaching for this week. Radzi further added that group B will attend the face-to-face classes the following week, with group A studying at home.

Radzi said this on a programme titled “Inclusive: Schools Operating Safely and Conducively,” which was aired by Radio Television Malaysia. He added that the ministry will ensure that the structure is implemented well.