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ISIS Chief Killed By US Army In Syria

ISIS Chief Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in Syria by US army last night, President Joe Biden confirmed on Wednesday. The US army said that Qurayshi blown himself up during the raid in northwestern Syria.

ISIS Claims Afghanistan Mosque Attack

The Islamic State-Khorasan --- ISIS Afghanistan wing--- has claimed the responsibility for the deadly bomb attack that struck a Shiite mosque in the country's...

2 Malaysians, Allegedly Linked To Islamic State, Arrested In Kabul By Taliban: Report

Two Malaysian nationals were arrested by the Taliban after the clash with the Islamic State’s terrorists in Afghanistan. Both the Malaysians, who were allegedly...

Kabul Airport Attack: US Hits Back At ISIS In Afghanistan

The US has confirmed its revenge within 48 hours of the Kabul suicide bombings on Friday. The US said that force has carried out...

“We Will Hunt You Down”: Joe Biden Warns IS Terrorist After Kabul Bombings

The US president Joe Biden has asked Pentagon to make a plan to take revenge against culprits who carried out attacks at the Kabul...