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On-Camera, Fight Over Parking Turns Violent In Selangor, Man Pushes Woman Into Drain

A video of two gorups fighting over a parking space has gone viral on social media. In the 4-minute video, recorded in Shah Alam, the two groups, considering several men and women, were seen pushing and shoving each other. The women of the groups were first indulged in a shouting match with each other, while their husbands sat inside the car. The situation turned violent later. The two parties registered a complaint with the police. Shah Alam Police official Baharudin Mat Taib has urged people not to fight over issues like parking space. Both the parties have now agreed to take their complaints back.

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Shah Alam police said that the incident took place at Section 24, Shah Alam. The two parties were fighting over a disagreement over gardening and parking. The video also shows a visibly angered man coming out to confront the woman. The woman was pushed into the drain by the man, who also pushed and damaged a motorbike. After some time, more people came to the scene. The video ends abruptly.