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Man Arrested For Recording Wife’s Suicide

In a shocking incident, a man was arrested by police in India’s Andhra Pradesh after filming a video of his wife hanging herself on a ceiling fan. According to reports, the man continued to record despite realising his wife was serious with the threat to end her life. He also acted to incite his wife by recording a video using a phone but also sent the video to his brother-in-law after the incident.

According to local media, the accused has been identified as Penchalaiah, 38, a security guard at an automatic teller machine (ATM) in the city of Atmakur, Nellore.

While filming the video of her wife, who was trying to hang on a ceiling fan, her husband did not even stop her and told, “I won’t stop you and I will show this video to your brother”

Vicitim’s husband has been arrested for provoking his wife to end her life.

In a video now seized by police, Penchalaiah said he did not try to stop his wife’s suicidal act.

In a horrifying video, the woman looked at her husband in the hope that the man would stop his actions.