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HomeMalaysia NewsAhmad Maslan Acquitted Of Corruption Charges After Paying RM1.1mil Fine

Ahmad Maslan Acquitted Of Corruption Charges After Paying RM1.1mil Fine

UMNO secretary-general Ahmad Maslan has been acquitted of alleged corruption charges on Thursday. The charges of the false statements to the MACC have also been dropped by the High court. However, the court has asked Pontian MP Maslan to pay RM1.1 million compound. The case was linked to 2013 in which he was allegedly violated the IT act by not settling the real amount that he received from former PM Najib Rajak.

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Maslan, who was then finance minister under the Razak government, was facing money laundering charges after receiving RM2 million via cheques from former PM in 2013.

He was charged for violating Income Tax Act 1967.

He was also accused of giving false statements to MACC when questioned by investigating officer on the issue.

In July 2009, he allegedly committed his offence during a media conference.

He was freed of all the charges after prosecutor Mohd Mukhzany Fariz Mohd Mokhtar stated that the prosecution will withdraw the charges after the accused paid a fine of RM1.1 million.