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Tension Erupts In South China Sea After Chinese Ship Enters Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone

Kuala Lumpur: Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and China Coast Guard (CCG) were reportedly involved in a standoff in a disputed area of the South China Sea. The incident took place last week on 19 November in 44 nautical miles from Malaysia’s Sarawak State after a Chinese vessel came close to the exclusive economic zone of Malaysia over hydrocarbon exploration.

Asia Maritime Transparency Institute (AMTI), has confirmed the incident by sharing some satellite pictures of Chinese China Coast Guard ship 5402 and Malaysia’s naval auxiliary ship Bunga Mas Lima that were very close to each other in South China Sea.

The report suggested that CCG’s 5402 had left its southernmost point Hainan on 30 October and then left for Luconia Shoals in Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone on November 2.

On 10 November, Chinese vessels arrived at Luconia Shoals, which is 62 nautical miles away from Sarawak coast and inside the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Malaysia.

On 12 November Malaysian Bunga Mas Lima arrived in Luconia to challenge the Chinese vessel. The two ships were spotted just 3 nautical miles apart from each other, AMTI reported.

Till November 19, Chinese 5402 vessel was seen just close to the Sarawak coast. AMTI also confirmed that Malaysia Bunga Mas Lima is also patrolling nearby the Luconia Shoals to tackle the Chinese ship.

Malaysian defence and foreign affairs ministry haven’t said anything yet on the matter.