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Car Collides with President Joe Biden’s Motorcade in Delaware, President and First Lady Unharmed: Report

In a startling incident, a vehicle collided with a segment of President Joe Biden's motorcade in Delaware. Both the President and First Lady emerged...

United States President Joe Biden Issues Executive Order to Regulate AI Development : Report

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order aimed at regulating the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States. The order emphasizes...

Joe Biden’s Stance on Israel-Hamas War and Ongoing Conflict in Gaza: Report

In the latest developments surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S. President Joe Biden has emphasized the need for eliminating Hamas militants while also advocating for...

The White House is downplaying any notion that President Joe Biden is escalating his rhetoric towards China.

The White House is countering suggestions that President Joe Biden is adopting a more assertive tone toward China, following his recent reference to the...

ISIS Chief Killed By US Army In Syria

ISIS Chief Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in Syria by US army last night, President Joe Biden confirmed on Wednesday. The US army said that Qurayshi blown himself up during the raid in northwestern Syria.

Watch: Joe Biden, Addressing On Omicron, Removes Mask & Coughs

US President Joe Biden was on Sunday trolled on Twitter for removing his mask - and coughing while speaking to reporters on Omicron. Biden's...

“We Will Hunt You Down”: Joe Biden Warns IS Terrorist After Kabul Bombings

The US president Joe Biden has asked Pentagon to make a plan to take revenge against culprits who carried out attacks at the Kabul...

Power Picture: Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin Shake Hands

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on Wednesday for a summit. The picture of the two leaders, shaking...

“She’s Like 19 Year Old,” Joe Biden’s Sexist Remark On Schoolgirl Shocks All – Watch Video

US President Joe Biden sent shock waves over the internet for his extremely sexist remarks against a teenage schoolgirl, who had joined an event...

Amanda Gorman – A Young Poet Who Steals Biden’s Inaugration Show

Amanda Gorman, African-American has created the history to participate as the youngest inaugural poet in the US with her poem- "The Hill We View."

Outgoing Trump Blacklists 9 Chinese Companies Including Xiaomi

Trump, who has always been in an anti-China mood, blacklisted China’s nine major companies, including the largest smartphone company Xiaomi

Trump Announces State Of Emergency Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Donald Trump has imposed a state of emergency in the national capital Washington DC. According to reports, the emergency was imposed in order to avoid further violence in the city.