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Princess Ezurin Khyra Trolled For Presence In The House. Her Response Wins Internet

Princess Ezurin Khyra a mother-of-five and fashionista extraordinaire, left the internet in awe with her kind and calm response to the backlash she received after her reality TV series “The House” premiered on Astro RIA last week.

The show “The House” centers around putting families together in a house and subjecting them to ‘challenges’. Princess Ezurin Khyra together with her five children – Tunku Amaan Khyra, Tunku Nadya Khyra, Tunku Omaan Khyra, Tunku Imaan Khyra dan Tunku Rmaan Khyra – and sidekick Magie Abang Saufi are a part of the show.

Not affected by all the hate mails, trolls, and continuous online harassment the large livin’ diva Ezurin Khyra replied with a gentle answer when she was asked about the judgments targeted toward her family.

The netizens, after witnessing Ezurin’s response, appreciated her kind remark and also her ability to stay tranquil in situations like these.

The fashion-forward socialite responded to another troll with a quote that reads, “People say, ‘Find good people and leave the bad ones’. But I say, ‘Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them’. Because no one is perfect.”  

The fan wrote, “How unfair it is for her to be judged and bad-mouthed by the people who don’t know her. Just look at how she perceives things. OMG! (Despite) all the hate you received (since) day one of the show, this was your reaction.”