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The Angels Of The Sea: Philippines’ Female Guards Against China In South China Sea

The Philippines is likely to deploy a group of female coast guard in order to tackle China in the South China Sea. A team of 81 female members, created by the Philippines Coast Guard, will be called– ‘The Angels of the Sea’. The Philippines government believes that Chinese trespassing ships will turn away after listening to the female voices. Expressing their confidence, authorities believe that the idea will work and will help in reducing the tendon.

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The Philippines Coast Guard has formed ‘The Angels of the Sea’-a team of 81 female armed coast guard members to tackle the Chinese threat in one most dangerous waterways-South China Sea. Chinese ships will return if they get a warning in female members of the coast guard, the authorities believe.

Speaking with The Philippines Star, a coast guard officer said that this move will reduce the tension between China and the Philippines.”We want our Angels of the Sea to become the voice of peaceful and rules-based order at sea, especially in our country’s sensitive maritime frontiers,” he said.

China and the Philippines have been engaged in a dispute for the past long time over the South China Sea claim. The Philippines, which never recognized the ‘Nine Dash Line’ in a disputed water area, recently claimed that over 150 Chinese fishing ships were seen about 175 nautical miles away from west of Bataraza on Palawan Island in the western Philippines.