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HomeWorldTrump Announces State Of Emergency Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Trump Announces State Of Emergency Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Washington: Outgoing President of United States (US) Donald Trump has taken a tough and imposed state of emergency in the national capital Washington DC almost a week before the inauguration of Joe Biden.

According to reports, the emergency was imposed in order to avoid further violence in the city. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also warned that armed groups in the country are being planned to protest against Biden’s presidential inauguration.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party has submitted two impeachment motions against him in the House of Representatives, holding Trump for violence in the Capitol Building last week.

It has accused Trump of inciting rebellion and claimed that Trump actively encouraged violence in the US Parliament.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been stressing on impeachment against Trump, has said she will push Mike Pence and the Trump administration to kick Trump out of the White House, saying that Trump is a severe threat to American democracy.

Joe Biden will take oath on 20 January.